Textual content-to-video AIs: Are we prepared for his or her fast rise?

Synthetic intelligences that flip textual content into video are making fast progress, however are we prepared for a world by which the authenticity of each video is in query?


15 November 2022

Knight on horseback

Stills from a video created by Meta’s Make-A-Video AI


Think about with the ability to produce a high-quality video of virtually something, whether or not based mostly on actuality or one thing solely fanciful, simply by describing what you need to see. This isn’t potential but, however text-to-video synthetic intelligence algorithms, akin to Meta’s Make-A-Video and Google’s Imagen Video, are quickly heading in direction of this purpose. Within the coming months and years, this expertise may have a profound influence on inventive industries and belief in on-line media, as we enter a world by which seeing is not any …

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